Made for Lean Compliance

Increase Production Throughput and Traceability

Is your organization struggling with how best to efficiently manage a growing number of regulated SKUs across a dynamic supply chain?

DELMIA’s Made for Lean Compliance solution for the Life Science industry delivers manufacturing execution precision and continuous improvement. This enables precise and uniform management of all operational elements within and across plants to deliver consistent product quality and year-over-year operational improvements.

Increase Production Throughput and Traceability

DELMIA’s Made for Lean Compliance for the Life Sciences industry delivers consistent quality, material synchronization, and Manufacturing Operations Management across regulated plant and global manufacturing operations.

DELMIA’s Made for Lean Compliance solution enables you to take control of quality manufacturing across your global operations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving operational performance. The solution provides synchronized delivery of electronic work instructions, integrated inline error-proofing and comprehensive traceability support for expedited root cause analysis and UDI initiatives. This drives accelerated New Product Introduction and lowers the cost of quality.

DELMIA’s Made for Lean Compliance solution supports the Made to Cure for Medical Devices Industry Solution Experience by managing and improving quality and performance across regulated global operations.

DELMIA’s Made for Lean Compliance Solution brings the following highlights:

  • Manage complex New Product Introduction across varying supply chains through the synchronized exchange of version controlled electronic documents
  • Support the rapid, iterative analysis of production data, parametric measurements and other quality information, in pilot and scale-up phases, through the direct connection to plant-floor intelligence such as SCADA and smart measurement systems
  • Centralize deployment of common processes for process, assemble, package and quality execution operations while supporting local execution requirements
  • Synchronize material requirements with production schedules and work orders
  • Support lean material replenishment models and inventory

Made for Lean Compliance User Experiences

DELMIA's Made for Lean Compliance solution brings the following benefits:

  • New Product Introductions are accelerated, mapping to regulatory approval windows and geographical growth targets
  • Collaborative problem-solving across a dynamic supply chain drives faster issue resolution
  • Ensure efficient operations, regardless of plant location, while driving operational improvement efforts
  • Increase labor and asset utilization to support growth while achieving streamlined inventory flows
  • Synchronization of product volume/mix with actual manufacturing capacity drives increased asset performance and utilization, and lowers inventory levels and costs