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Market volatility is driving the need for change in the chemical industry. DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning and optimization solution provides chemical manufacturers complete visibility and control over the entire supply chain across multiple planning horizons. You'll have the confidence to make the best decisions for your organization in the short- and long-term.

DELMIA Quintiq's understanding of the problems and processes common to chemical production enables us to offer you a planning solution that respects your organization's unique business rules. The solution provides you with only fully practicable and constraint-free plans, optimized against your key performance indicators. Planners are able to foresee the effects of planning decisions on the entire supply chain, enabling more effective decision-making.

Commodity Chemicals

In good times and bad, the challenge remains the same for commodity chemical manufacturers – to keep costs low and customer service levels high. DELMIA Quintiq provides a perfect-fit solution for chemical manufacturing taking into account the characteristics and constraints of all your products and resources, including tanks. Furthermore, it understands how these connect and interact with one another. Armed with this essential information, it supports you in generating schedules that maximize efficiency, throughput and profits.

Key features and benefits include:


Get full control and visibility of raw materials, intermediaries and finished products.


Improve efficiency and throughput, reduce lead times. Optimize the scheduling of maintenance to minimize disruption.


Align logistics and production plans for improved delivery performance.


Respond in real time to unexpected opportunities and disruptions.

Tank Scheduling

 In order to create an efficient schedule, the availability and unique characteristics of all tanks has to be taken into account when scheduling a production batch.The scheduling solution is able to recognize changeover values for different product characteristics such as quality or brand.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning capabilities gives unprecedented insight into the impact of future events. Explore the consequences of alternative business models, examine the impact of investments in equipment and workforce, and prepare for any conceivable change in market conditions.

Inventory Optimization

Balance inventory levels with demand to reduce the risk of inventory obsolescence.

Specialty Chemicals

DELMIA Quintiq addresses specialty chemical manufacturers’ planning needs from long-term strategic planning to the day-to-day planning challenges that must be addressed in real time. With an overview of the entire manufacturing process – from raw materials to finished goods – DELMIA Quintiq empowers planners to optimize the entire production process, increasing efficiency and productivity even in the most complex of batch production environments.

  • Minimize set-up and cleaning times through optimal batch scheduling
  • Improve efficiency and throughput, reduce lead times
  • Avoid volatile combinations by defining hard constraints
  • Optimize the scheduling of maintenance to minimize disruption
  • Respond in real time to unexpected opportunities and disruption
  • Determine optimal product mix, allocate optimal sales budgets
  • Align logistics and production plans to improve delivery performance
  • Explore the impact of every operational decision
  • Balance inventory levels with demand to reduce the risk of inventory obsolescence
  • Get full control and visibility of raw materials, intermediaries and finished products