Yield Engineering in Semiconductors

Optimize shop floor processes and product quality

Is your business challenged with trying to understand and prevent manufacturing defects while mandated to increase production yields?

DELMIA's Yield Engineering in Semiconductors for the High Tech Industry enables Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDM) and foundry companies to optimize their shop floor processes and product quality.

Maximize Initial Yields When Introducing New Products

DELMIA High Tech Yield Engineering in Semiconductors is an innovative solution for yield analysis, process optimization and Design of Experiments (DOE) for engineering and manufacturing communities in the semiconductor industry.

Rules explaining reason for yield excursions are extracted using a patented algorithm that can discover hidden relationships in production. Data can be intuitively analyzed. This information can be used to alert the production team and stop reproducing known defects.

With this solution, semiconductor companies are able to ramp up new products faster, optimize yield and capture best practices for equipment selection and parameter adjustments.

DELMIA Yield Engineering in Semiconductors Users:

  • Yield Engineers

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