Global High Performance


Is your organization struggling with how to detect quality defects earlier and contain them globally?

DELMIA’s Global High Performance solution for the High Tech Industry allows your organization to improve traceability, containment and performance management across your global supply network. It provides the ability to meet compliance requirements while accelerating root-cause analysis for any quality and efficiency challenges.

Drive Higher Aggregate Performance with Near Real-time Visualization of Operations and Performance Metrics

DELMIA’s High Tech Global High Performance solution enables manufacturers to increase visibility across global operations and better align production objectives with business performance targets. It delivers the right information quickly, with the granularity and context needed to help you make better decisions faster. A powerful, intuitive platform provides visibility into manufacturing operations both in and across plants, the ability to mine data from disparate system sources, and renders contextualized Production, Quality, Warehouse, Logistics, Machine, and Time & Labor intelligence for each plant across the enterprise.

DELMIA’s Global High Performance solution supports the Make to Promise Industry Solution Experience which helps High Tech manufacturers thrive by enabling greater visibility and synchronization across enterprise-wide operations. 

DELMIA’s Global High Performance solution brings the following highlights:

  • Monitors variances in production performance across all sites and quickly re-deploy enhanced and improved processes in a matter of hours
  • 5M (Man, Machine, Method, Material, Measurement) traceability across multiple sites
  • Closed-loop digital collaboration processes with engineering and operations teams
  • Measures operations performance with timely and unfiltered views of key metrics at any time, for any duration and across any number of plants
  • On-demand, self-service manufacturing intelligence tool

Global High Performance User Experiences

DELMIA’s Global High Performance solution brings the following benefits:

  • Reduces time-to-market and time-to-volume on a global scale
  • Meeting stricter traceability and compliance customer requirements
  • Expands new product launch activities to plants in different regions
  • Boosts decision support with fact-based, contextualized data accessible from the shop floor
  • Accelerates problem resolution cycle, reducing both cost and potential risks to brand reputation