Sustainable Blade Quality

Provide real-time adjustments to changing conditions

Are you trying to understand and prevent manufacturing defects for composite blades?

DELMIA’s Sustainable Blade Quality solution can establish continuous process monitoring and provide real-time adjustments to changing conditions.

Understand and Prevent Manufacturing Defects

DELMIA’s Sustainable Blade Quality solution facilitates corrective and preventive action on blade production quality issues. The solution easily collects shop floor data in real-time and quickly identifies the root causes of failure.
Sustainable Blade Quality is a unique real-time detection and avoidance solution for quality risks within composite blade manufacturing. The solution's value is driven from analysis of historical shop floor data and discovery of rules validated by experts. The solution is a data-driven, rule-based continuous process improvement methodology for wind blade manufacturing. Taking into account the quantified influence of process variables, the solution can provide advanced warnings of potential problems allowing manufacturers to adjust their processes in real-time.

DELMIA Energy, Process & Utilities Composite Blade Production and Quality Control Users:

  • Quality Engineers

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