Optimized Site Execution

Lean Construction Execution

Is your organization looking to better control capital project spending?

DELMIA’s Optimized Site Execution solution for the Energy Process and Utilities Industry enables the field planner to plan day-to-day activity taking into account the real situation and constraints on worker and material availability to improve execution and remove waste.

Lean Construction Execution

DELMIA’s Optimized Site Execution solution provides visibility to all stakeholders on project status, in real time, for effective decision making. Access to accurate and up-to-date information helps minimize the waste of time, cost, and resources with executable and reasonable plans. From engineering deliverables to procurement and field execution, stakeholders can analyze change impact in real time and synchronize schedules between material flow and team activities.

DELMIA’s Optimized Site Execution supports the Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience, by allowing all project stakeholders to share information and collaborate effectively in a globally distributed project environment.

DELMIA Energy, Process and Utilities Optimized Site Execution solution brings the following highlights:

  • Construction site synchronization with just-in-time deliveries that ensure the right materials and resources are at the right place at the right time
  • Material traceability to identify specific attributes for its use, such as appropriate granularity, serial, lot, and heat
  • Empower front-line field personnel to make decisions about what work to commit to track PPC (Percent Plan Complete) as a measure of production system variability
  • Track PPC (Percent Plan Complete) as a measure of production system variability
  • Visualize the construction workflow to identify conflicts and correct them before errors or delays occur

Optimized Site Execution User Experiences

DELMIA's Optimized Site Execution solution brings the following benefits:

  • Deliver projects on-budget and on-time, tailored to precise customer specifications
  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Enable material deliveries to be just-in-time
  • Deliver executable work orders to increase worker productivity
  • Improve communication planning with visualization and open display of schedule, design and workflow