Efficient Overhaul

Validate and Optimize Outage Schedules in 3D

Are you looking to improve maintenance quality, safety and efficiency?

DELMIA's Efficient Overhaul solution minimizes uncertainty and reduces risk for your capital intensive projects.

Validate and optimize outage schedules in 3D

DELMIA’s Efficient Overhaul solution allows you to plan virtual maintenance activities based on a 3D plant model to plan, validate and capitalize complex maintenance scenarios. This includes performing effective human safety, accessibility and operations studies. Also identify equipment installations and removal paths without clashes and ensure proper clearance, as well as conduct the planning and simulation of viable mechanical and equipment kinematics.
DELMIA’s Efficient Overhaul simulations can help minimize uncertainty in the schedule and understand the exact impact of operational requirements prior to work in the field. It enables you to assist the training of crane operators and plan remote robotics movement without costly operation disruption. All of these simulations are targeted to reduce the risk of costly project delays.

DELMIA Energy, Process & Utilities Efficient Overhaul Users:

  • Plant Safety Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers

Efficient Overhaul

Plant Safety Engineer