News: Sapa Finspång Improves Delivery Performance by 100%

March 7, 2012 - Sapa Heat Transfer in Finspång, one of the world's leading companies in developing and manufacturing aluminum strips, improved its delivery performance against both requested and confirmed dates by using the Quintiq tactical planning solution.

Reduce WIP and improve delivery performance

In 2010, when the project started at Sapa Heat Transfer, their main business goals were to reduce work in progress (WIP) and semi-finished material stocks, and improve delivery performance.

After 9 months of using the Quintiq tactical planning solution, Quintiq Company Planner, for order acceptance, order planning and replenishment, KPIs related to both goals are according to plan.

Sapa Finspång Improves Delivery Performance by 100% > Kajsa Blomqvist > Dassault Systèmes®

Kajsa Blomqvist, Planning Manager at Sapa Heat Transfer commented: "With Quintiq, the planned delivery performance against confirmed date at our site has risen from 60% to 90%, meaning a 50% increase. During the same period, the actual delivery performance against customer requested work has improved from 40% to 80%, in fact doubling our performance."

In addition, planners now have more visibility into what material is needed and when, which gives them more confidence in working with lower safety-stock levels.

Fredrik Malmbecker, Master Planner at Sapa Heat Transfer, responsible for managing stock levels, commented: "WIP and intermediate coil and sheet stocks have decreased by 20%. In hot coil and sheet stocks the improvement has been even higher."

Further improving Sapa's planning processes

In a few weeks time Sapa Heat Transfer will go live with a new casting-house IT system. This will support Sapa to use Quintiq Company Planner for rough casting scheduling, and is expected to improve the plan quality further by providing more accurate slab availability dates.

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Francois Eijgelshoven, Director Business Unit Metals & Manufacturing at Quintiq, added: "Sapa Heat Transfer has been a model company for implementing Company Planner. They understand the importance of tactical planning on their supply chain performance, so they have been willing to take sufficient time for implementing a planning solution that truly fits their needs, and to get it adopted in their organization. They are now reaping the benefits, as shown by the improvement in key performance indicators."

About Sapa Heat Transfer Finspång

Sapa Heat Transfer in Finspång is one of the world leading companies in developing and manufacturing aluminium strips for various types of heat exchangers used in the global automotive industry, such as radiators oil coolers and charge-air coolers. They are, with seven other companies, part of the business area Heat Transfer within the Sapa Group. In Finspång they have 430 employees. Sapa develops, manufactures and markets value-added aluminium profiles, profile-based building systems and heat exchanger solutions in aluminium. Sapa is the leading company in its field and have customers in the building-, transport-, engineering and telecom industry. The Sapa Group has combined net sales of 32,995  MSEK and 14,800  employees.

About Quintiq

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