News: Accuracy and resilience with Quintiq end-to-end supply chain planning solution

Strengthening your competitive edge in manufacturing

September 25, 2012 - Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software, announced a new version of its end-to-end supply chain planning solution for manufacturing.

The Quintiq industry solution for manufacturing offers greater accuracy and resilience in supply chain planning and sets new standards in terms of scalability and performance through a single platform that is capable of sustaining customers' growth and competitive edge.

This new release enables its users to better develop on-time order rates by basing the order confirmation on sales budgets determined in their forecasts. The solution also optimizes the support of campaigns for order acceptance and daily (re)planning, so that plans result in an optimal balance between productivity, inventory and delivery performance.

Quintiq's optimization experts aim to get the most out of existing and proven mathematical solutions and algorithms, as well as new technologies. The new release of the industry template results in an improved set of algorithms for capacity planning in sales and operations planning, ensuring flexible lead times within routings, higher quality plans, easier manual planning and adjustments, and an improved overview of the planning decisions.

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Ivar Schwartzmans, Product Manager at Quintiq, commented: "We are continuously striving to improve the capabilities of our solution for manufacturing. Our goal is to support companies in efficiently planning and optimizing their complex supply chains. We empower our customers to make more reliable and flexible decisions, and thereby ensure that their planning is accurate and resilient. Our solution enables our manufacturing customers to deliver products of greater quality and quantity."

Quintiq's capabilities and benefits

Quintiq offers a single planning platform that is capable of solving all supply chain puzzles. The Quintiq software covers the whole supply chain, offering full support from daily scheduling to strategic planning and full-suite sales and operations planning, including demand forecasting. This provides transparency and a complete overview of the company's complex supply chain, allowing users to easily navigate between different areas of their business and to optimize their operations.

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About Quintiq

Every business has its supply chain planning challenges. Some of those challenges are large. Some are complex. Some seem impossible to solve. Since 1997, Quintiq has been solving each of those challenges with a supply chain planning & optimization software system. Today, approximately 12,000 users in over 80 countries rely on Quintiq software to plan and optimize workforces, logistics and production. Part of Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), Quintiq has offices in the Netherlands, the USA and around the world.