Resource Engineers

Resource Engineers

Defining and optimizing manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning

DELMIA Resource Layout

Define Factory Resource Layouts

DELMIA Resource Layout (RLT) gives manufacturing planners advanced, efficient tools for factory resource layout. They can leverage 2D factory drawings, if they’re available. RLT includes a catalog of parametric resources such as conveyers, shelving, tables, and containers that can be snapped to 2D drawings to quickly realize the 3D layout. Advanced positioning makes it very easy to move, snap, and align these resources.

RLT creates a Version 6 3D environment for defining and validating shop floor layouts, delivering them to the shop floor for construction, and sharing them with downstream stakeholders for enriching and validating process plans.

  • Fast and efficient layout definition
  • Collaborative plant design and early discovery of layout problems
  • Access to layout data throughout the extended enterprise
  • Leveraging of Intellectual Property
  • Define resource hierarchies
    Pre-defined resource types such as conveyors, robots, fixtures, and tool devices can be used to categorize and organize resources. Users can create an organization tree that represents a factory, line, workstation, or other resource type; locate the resources in the Version 6 catalog, and instantiate (copy) them into the organizational tree. Using patterns makes it possible to quickly create a layout with properly aligned resources.
  • Import existing 2D drawings and blueprints
    When 2D drawings are available, RLT provides a way to import them into the Version 6 3D environment. They are placed on the layout floor so that resources can be snapped into defined positions.
  • Choose ready-to-use parametric resources from a catalog
    RLT includes a catalog of parametric resources—conveyors, part bins, tables, chairs, and shelves, to name a few. Users can select a resource and edit its parameters using a dialog box. RLT generates the geometry, and the resource can then be positioned in the 3D layout. All newly created resource instances can be edited again, and their parameters changed with a specialized intuitive dialog.
  • Choose ready-to-use non-parametric resources from a catalog
    RLT provides a catalog of standard resources including hand tools, drilling stations, hangers and robots along with an additional catalog of ready-made industrial resources. Resources can be selected from the catalog and copied into the 3D layout for positioning.
  • Position and manipulate resource positions in 3D
    RLT’s 3D positioning tools let any user position a resource easily and accurately in the Version 6 3D immersive environment. A resource can be snapped instantly to a location, aligned with other geometry, measured and moved a specified distance, and checked for physical contact (interferences). Smart embedding locators intelligently snap objects together within the layout.
  • Extract dimensioned and annotated 2D drawings
    Users can generate dimensioned, annotated 2D drawings of the 3D layout for use on the factory floor.