Flexible Production

DELMIA Delivers the Value of Flexible Manufacturing

In today’s highly competitive global markets, manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce production lead times and accelerate ramp-up of new products. Does your organization have the operational flexibility to respond to these pressures in a timely way? Do you have a modern Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution, or an outdated manual system?

For manufacturers, creating flexible production systems can be a daunting challenge. It requires harnessing all the complexities of production, from planning to execution to coordination of supply chains and partners throughout the enterprise. It requires not only seeing what’s happening operationally, but having the ability to make effective adjustments on the fly. It requires leveraging all available data, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

DELMIA Delivers the Value of Flexible Manufacturing

DELMIA’s Flexible Production solution is designed to meet these challenges across a range of industries, enabling your organization to achieve near-perfect production execution even when faced with changing schedules, shifting resources, and volatile customer demand. The solution is based on our comprehensive Enterprise MES, or MOM technology, which provides the visibility and control to manage needed to manage and continuously improve products and processes in a global manufacturing environment.

DELMIA’s flexible manufacturing solution enables you to implement an accelerated plan-do-check-act cycle that synchronizes all elements of production activities, anywhere and at any time. You can synchronize material, production, maintenance, and quality management activities across your entire operation whenever needed, achieving a truly flexible production system. Key capabilities include pulling data from the IoT sensors for real-time access and event-triggering, production dispatching and sequencing, genealogy and traceability tracking, real-time production management, total quality control and SPC, machine and the IoT-based equipment status, warehouse and material management including Kanban as well as preventive and reactive maintenance for multi-site operations.

With DELMIA’s comprehensive, enterprise approach to flexible manufacturing, your organization will have the ability to meet the demands of a fluid, constantly changing global marketplace--without sacrificing quality, efficiency, or profitability.

DELMIA’s Flexible Production solution delivers value in many ways, including:

  • A global flexible platform for manufacturing by enabling multiple manufacturing models, across any geography and with varying levels of manufacturing automation
  • Real-time visibility and control of supplier and subcontractor operations
  • Collaborative problem-solving across the organization for faster issue resolution
  • Closed loop communication between design and engineering
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency and response to market changes.
  • Agile operations to reduce risk, slash costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Increased asset performance and utilization, with decreased inventory levels and cost
  • Increased on-time, on-specification delivery performance of complex customer orders based on precise, up-to-date, as-built information
  • Collaborative processes to synchronize all resources including production, quality, maintenance as well as time and labor in response to production events and demand changes
  • Ability to manage quality on a global scale with consistent corporate standards, process governance and scientific tools such as SPC, enforced at every location across the value chain
  • Full global traceability and genealogy of 5M (man, machine, material, method, measurement)