Fabrication Value

Program faster and smarter to optimize resources and accelerate time-to-quality

Keeping the machines running on the shop floor is a crucial goal for every manufacturer. Idle machines mean lost production, forfeited ROI, and wasted manpower. Yet new products and engineering changes can be delayed while programmers work to ready the machines.

DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE Fabrication Solution enhances both programmer and machine productivity by providing a single, integrated software environment for design and simulation of machining processes. The solution accelerates launches and changes, helps optimize resources, and improves quality from stock to finished part.

Increasing the Value of Programmers and Machines

DELMIA’s Fabrication Solution enables manufacturers to program, simulate, and optimize machining processes, from design to tool path. It provides a complete, integrated 3D simulation of the entire machining process, including the tool assembly, the NC machine and the controller. NC programmers can instantly update programs, quickly see the impact on machining processes, and easily update toolpath programs. Planners are able to determine and validate processes, resources and outputs before production starts, ensuring fewer mistakes and false starts.

  • Integrated simulation means that all simulations—for tools, fixtures, accessories and the machine—share the same data. There’s no need to transfer data or work with different formats. The value to manufacturers includes:
  • Eliminating the need for file transfers to and from third-party machine simulation software, reducing wait times and bypassing iterative processes
  • Assurance that the program will work the first time on the shop floor.
  • Saved production time, because programming changes can be made rapidly without file-transfer delays.

Integrated simulation makes it easier for NC programmers to create programs for very complex 5-axis parts and for parts that require machine kinematic programming on mill-turn machines. Programmers can confidently program hard-material machining that speeds production while extending tool life.

What’s more, DELMIA’s Fabrication Solution includes the ability to capture and reuse best practices through easily accessible templates, so manufacturers can standardize and share programming, tool setups, and resource utilization--thus fostering greater collaboration and continuous improvement across the company. Validated, shop-proven programming can be repeatedly recycled to save days and even weeks of work.



DELMIA’s Fabrication Solution Enables Manufacturers to:


  • Optimize manufacturing processes and minimize shop floor delays
  • Simulate the real behavior of complex machining tools
  • See the impact of changes with advanced simulation
  • Rapidly program multi-axis operations on CNC machines and robots
  • Validate production and installation processes before physical production
  • Maintain and use best practice templates
  • Implement a standardized user interface for programming machines of all types, making it easier to incorporate new tools and simplifying deployment
  • Reduce lead-time from design to production
  • Reduce programming hours by up to 80 percent for modified versions of existing parts and products
  • Accelerate new launches and product changes