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The online CATIA Composites Community is for professionals in all industries involved in the design and manufacture of products that utilize composites technology.

The community is a discussion forum focused on the sharing of knowledge and best practices for the design and manufacture of composite products today, while leveraging the evolution of composite materials, processes and techniques for tomorrow.

Engage with though leader in multiple industries

Many companies have already made the decision to adopt new design and manufacturing business processes based around manufacturing composite products. Your company may already design and manufacture composite products and structures, or you may be considering leveraging composites in the future.  Either way, you want to master how best to leverage composite design and manufacturing in your organization!

There are many questions about techniques and processes that can be used in designing and manufacturing composite products. How do you choose and apply the best techniques? What should your company’s strategy be for leveraging composite technology? How do we get started with composites?

Want to get inspired about composites? What if you could compare experiences with others? Connect with experts and learn from them!

Yves Barbier, Composites Community Manager

WHY join the “CATIA Composites Community”?

  • Learn & Share best practices
  • Exchange knowledge and opinions on composites news, trends & events
  • Leverage the CATIA Composites wiki which is a comprehensive encyclopedia of composites best practices, processes and terminology
  • Access case studies about companies who have gained practical experience in deploying composites solutions
  • Ask questions to your peers in order to gain valuable insights

WHO should join the “CATIA Composites Community”?

This community is open to all clients of Dassault Systèmes, including:

  • Project managers, lofting specialists, designers, structural analysts, tooling designers, project reviewers, manufacturing engineers, process planners, assembly specialists, machining specialists, shop floor technicians, quality engineers
  • Researchers, standardization experts, teachers

HOW to join the “CATIA Composites Community”?

The “CATIA Composites Community” is a private community with its own behavior charter and terms of use. Membership is by invitation from the governance team or by sponsorship from other members of the community. Acceptance of the charter by the applicant is a condition of membership.

All information and data shared in the community is held on secure servers within Dassault Systèmes. Content is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with the community’s terms of use. To join our private community, please apply by emailing using the link on the right, outlining why you want to join we will contact you promptly.