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Model Based Definition (MBD) is about capturing the entire definition of a product within 3D models.

This community is opened to professionals interested in MBD, willing to learn the best practices before deployment. It provides the opportunity to share experiences and follow developments in this field.

A glimpse at some articles from the community

The deployment of MBD often requires process transformation. The community goal is to support everyone working on MBD deployment, to optimize this important change. Take a look at these examples!

PSA shares its 3D Master deployment

Discover how PSA used its most complex part, the cylinder head, to validate the 3D Master approach. See also how they democratized the ISO tolerancing and centralized the 3D tolerance stacking, to reduce the manufacturing defects from the design stage.

Do you need to include pictures and symbols in your 3D annotations?

Thanks to Gary Carne, discover how to use the Note Object Annotation (NOA) and  create a catalog of symbols and/or pictures in the Functional Tolerancing and Annotation’s workbench.  

How do you organize your PMI?

Do you use captures to store modifications related to a new version of a product? Do you have company recommendations to decrease the number of dimensions, as some of them can be provided by measurements on 3D data during downstream processes?

PMI compliance to STEP: what is next?

Know more about the compliance of DS data to the STEP format and about the enhancements brought by editions 1 & 2.

What if you could compare your deployment with others? Connect to experts and share your experiences!

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