CATIA Champions Program

The CATIA Champions Program features and rewards the most skilled and influential Users in the CATIA ecosytem, who shine by their passion, expertise, and their overall participation to build up our amazing community. CATIA Champions are strong brand ambassadors, both online and offline, inspiring other users to greater levels of achievement and success.

Philippe Laufer CATIA CEO

Featured Champions



Antonio Pezzella

With 13 years of experience in Surface modeling with CATIA for creative designers, Antonio Pezzella is working at NIO Design in Munich as a senior CAS Modeler, Designing futuristic vehicles Using CATIA from the very first phases of the concepts until the final production models. Antonio started his career as CAD/CAS consultant in Italy, working across multiple sectors. Afterwards he joined Stile Bertone in Torino, later on he moved to Ingolstadt in Germany joining Edag and then Audi. After being part for many years of the “Audi Design Team”,where he managed to improve the design process integrating Catia Imagine&Shape, he decided to join NIO, moving to Munich. Today he is expanding his CATIA team to speed up NIO’s design process and to show to the world the power of CATIA for design studios.

Fields of interests: Design, 3D Modeling, Visualization, Process Improvement

Links:, Antonio on Linkedin

Edward Stilson

Edward became an engineer to try to help make the world a better place.  Through the help of CATIA he is able to take the exciting ideas and concepts from his mind into reality.  Edward has been an employee at Joby Aviation since 2012 with the mission to enable an air transportation service that saves people an hour a day in their day-to-day travel.  This will happen through an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft completely designed in CATIA.  On a daily basis, Edward gets to work on vehicle architecture, surfacing, advanced kinematic design, composite lightweight structures, additive manufacturing, and is privileged to work with a resilient, multi-discipline team.  He is very excited to be apart of this great program to help give back to the community and make it stronger than ever.

Fields of interests: 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, 3D Modeling, Surfacing, Composites, Aerospace

Links: Edward on Linkedin

Nathan Shipley

Nathan is the Assistant Director of NIAR’s CAD/CAM Laboratory where he is responsible for department operations outside of the greater Wichita region, including training, consulting and contract project work. He has developed nationally recognized CATIA training manuals and teaches courses at Wichita State University and various companies within the aerospace industry. His expertise is geared around Composite Design, Manufacturing and Analysis, particularly with respect to CATIA Composites.  He has spent a significant amount of time engaging with companies in the Aerospace and Wind Blade industries for consulting, training and process development around composites.  He has worked at NIAR since 2002, previously as the CAD/CAM Lab Manager and as a Research Associate in the CAD/CAM Laboratory. 

Fields of interests: Composites, Aerospace

Links: Nathan on Linkedin

Richard Frontera

Richard has more than 15 years of experience working with CATIA. He enjoys the precision, flexibility and discipline it offers, and likes to explore the fields of possibilities. Starting his career as a draughtsman, he then worked on CATIA migration projects for major French car manufacturers, but also conducted PLM deployment and administration projects. Today, as a Lead Engineer for General Electric, he puts in place simplification strategies to drive efficiency and productivity for his company. Richard is also very involved with GFUC, the French association of Dassault Systèmes users, piloting the CAD committee.

Fields of interests: Knowledgeware, Automation, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Links: GFUC Association, Richard on Linkedin

Emir Touajni

Emir started working as a CAD, PLM consultant and worked with several companies, helping them to improve their CAD knowledge and methodology. With 7 years of experience working with CATIA, he now works as a Senior Aerodynamics Design Engineer for McLaren Racing. Today, He is in charge of the front end of the car surface model and is also involved in CAD Methodology and process group.

Fields of interests: Design, Knowledgeware, Process Improvement, Optimisation.

Link: Emir on Linkedin

Rhushik Matroja

Rhushik was born in India, grew up in France and now working in Japan. He graduated from ISMANS, a Mechanical and Material Engineering school based in Le Mans. He specialized in CAD Design and FEA analysis. He used CATIA V5 while in Engineering school and working for Sumitomo Wiring Systems in Japan. Currently he is Design Office Manager for We Are Pacific group’s PRISMADD Japan, an Additive manufacturing company specialized in AM Titanium Parts for Aerospace, Automotive and Medical industry. He redesigns and optimizes their conventionally created parts, to conform with AM processes by using GDE.

Fields of interests: Additive Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering

Links: Rhushik on Linkedin

Guillaume Wiel

Arrived four years ago in the project estimation service as Wood construction Engineer, Guillaume currently belongs to the Innovation and Research Team of Woodeum, Real estate company for low carbon construction, without nuisances. His job consists of the preliminary technical design of the various elements of a building (facade, windows and balconies details, wooden structure…) in relation to several regulatory, normative and programmatic requirements (Acoustic, fire, water/air-tightness, thermal…). His knowledge in the various fields of the construction, and his 3 years of experience working with CATIA, drove him to take over the development of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) under 3D Experience Platform from Dassault Sytèmes. With the support of the BIM team members of Woodeum (Renaud BLONDEAU and Arnaud HECKLY), he elaborates tools of automation and nesting of the elements of the building, knowledgeware, and exchange processes with all actors involved in the building industry (Architect, design offices, construction firm…).

Fields of interestsKnowledgeware, Automation, Design.

Links: Guillaume on Linkedin

Amit Killekar

Amit is working as a Project Engineer in Atlascopco Gecia, a global engineering center for Atlas Copco. He is has been enjoying working with CATIA for the past two years. During that time, he has been working with the UK Edwards vacuum division of Atlas Copco. There he is working together with Edwards design team on one project in Vacuum. As several different divisions are working on the same project, Amit is also working for the standardization of CATIA work practices for 3D &2D between 3 teams (UK, Korea & India). Amit studied CATIA for the first time during his Engineering studies.

Fields of interestsMachine Design, Knowledgeware, Automobiles 

Links: Amit on Linkedin

Barry Hale

This is Barry’s 38th year using CAE tools. Hale has started as a draughtsman and has worked in a variety of different industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive and Robotics, in fields such as Design, Research, FEA, CFD, PLM, Programming, Sys Admin and technical software sales and support. Barry has travelled all over the world during his career and has enjoyed experiencing different cultures and meeting a wonderful variety of people throughout this time. Currently director of his own company, he now offers consultancy services to the Automotive industry, predominantly using Dassault Systemes toolsets such as Icem Surf, CATIA Icem, 3DExcite and 3DEXPERIENCE. His main passion now is to push the boundaries of computer-based design as businesses look to streamline processes, with a view to reducing time and costs but without affecting creativity.

Fields of interests: CATIA ICEM, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Links: Hale on Linkedin

Julien Morel

Julien is MS INNOV co-manager and also has the role of R&D manager on innovation projects based on the automation of complex products design. His 8-years career in the sector of CAD on Dassault Systèmes solutions has allowed him to develop strong skills in CATIA in the sector of sheet metal, composite or plastics. Thanks to these experiences and to the support of its teams, MS INNOV has developed a new approach to design based on the common expectations of manufacturers and technical teams (saving time, cancelation of some repetitive tasks ...).

Fields of interests: Knowledgeware, Automation, Design

Links: Julien on Linkedin


Eric has been a design methods engineer at Safran Nacelles for the past 3 years. He is managing the creation and update of the methodological supports for CATIA V5. He is also supervising the adequacy between his company’s technical standards and design practices. His past professional experience at Technicatome (ex Areva TA), allowed Eric to set up CATIA V5 and write the use methods for the plant design workshops (Piping, HVAC, Electrical, EQT...) in the nuclear installations design area.

Fields of interests: Electrical Systems, Fluid Systems

Links: Eric on Linkedin

Selection Criteria

Key characteristics of an outstanding CATIA Champion candidate include:


  • You must be a CATIA customer to participate and/or be considered
  • You must have developed advanced skills and expertise in CATIA solutions
  • You demonstrate active participation within online Communities, User Groups, Forum discussions
  • You are representing the spirit of the CATIA community, and want to convey it more largely
  • You help spreading the love for CATIA by being a brand advocate for the product and for the community

Rewards and Benefits

Some examples of the benefits our CATIA Champions receive:


  • Recognition: Highlighted participation on the Champions webpage and social networks

  • Networking: Invitations to speaking opportunities at CATIA and other events

  • Expertise: Time with members of our product and marketing teams

  • Gifts: A CATIA polo, hat, and other great branded items

Address us in this email your contact details, and a few words about what makes you a good Champion candidate.