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Innovation starts with Experience Thinking. Discover how a forward looking Design Team developed “the CASSIOPEiA” camera Experience, collaborating across different roles, from Creative Designer to Visual Experience Designer. Project yourself into the Age of Experience to “Shape the world we live in” with CATIA Design.

We developed CASSIOPEiA project to imagine the next generation of digital camera experience for creative people. For this project, we used the CATIA Design roles R2015x to reach design excellence, which means a good alchemy of creativity, sophistication and delightful experience. We also took benefit of the collaborative environment of the 3DEXPERIENCE to boost the team social innovation.

Xavier Melkonian Project Director

Cassiopeia camera proposes a delightful user experience in the everyday life of creative designers. Based on usage scenarios, it is a human centered design project. Searching for the good balance between shape and function, we developed a set of functionalities all oriented towards creative designers. Its sophisticated design, inspired by jewelry, expresses itself from an ergonomic handle to engraved details.

Pierre Maheut Creative Designer

The enhancements of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on-the-cloud and CATIA user experience enabled the design team to leverage social inspiration and be more productive. We reached a new level in ideation, creativity and design quality.

Manuel Duchet Community Manager

Using 3D Sketching for creativity phase, we were able to propose concepts, explore ideas mixing 2D & 3D Sketches and converge quicker on the final design. Combined with virtual clay, we could test very early on the ergonomics of the shape by 3D Printing handles variations. Thanks to Creative Designer & Product Industrial Designer roles, the Concept design of CASSIOPEiA has been a delightful & exciting experience.

Pierre Maheut Creative Designer

Once preliminary design phase has reached the right level of maturity, it is time to go through the detail design & Surface Refinement phase. The target is to achieve final surfaces for manufacturing, while respecting the expected level of surface quality. Thanks to Creative Designer & Freeform Surface Modeler roles, we can move from concept design to detailed design of Cassiopeia, pushing a step forward the quality of the final product.

Fabio Ballari Surface Designer

“All along a project, the added value of the Physical Prototyper is to provide real 3D printed models reflecting what user experience would be with the actual device. Data preparation challenge remains to make 3D adaptions that will not betray the design intent. Validation becomes possible when the prototype rendering is relevant enough to let people imagination finish the qualifying job.“

Laurent Igarza Physical Prototyper

“In parallel of physical prototyping, I am able to easily generate photorealistic renderings based on the native data. Applying different materials harmony, we propose two collections: Limited edition & Sport edition. Using Visual Experience Designer, I produce high quality images & videos to illustrate and compare them.”

Franck Colas Visual Experience Designer

The digital camera experience for creative designers

3D Sketch

Sketch on top of your photos

Connected Digital Camera

Share with your community

360° HDRI

Capture Full Environnment

Online Photo Shooting

Take pictures & get instant information from internet

3D Scan & 3D Print

Capture & Re-create inspiring objects

Everything starts with an idea, with imagination. For the CATIA design team, imagination starts with the user experience.

The CASSIOPEiA creation was made on the 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x with the CATIA Design roles. Discover how the team developed this new innovation, collaborating across different roles – prototyper, visual experience designer, user experience designer, creative designer, product industrial designer – to create the Cassiopeia camera.

The name 'Cassiopeia' : the perfect Alchemy of Astronomy, Technology & Beauty

Cassiopeia is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the vain queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivalled beauty.

We chose the name of Cassiopeia because it perfectly illustrates the aim & spirit of the project:

  • It's a constellation : Connecting the dots, like Connecting people
  • It's about Astronomy & Technology : Astronomics | optics | lens observation | Dream
  • It's a Greek legend of beauty : Attractive & appealing product