CATIA Systems Engineering

CATIA Systems Engineering integrates complex product behaviour into the product definition, enabling a lifelike experience which predicts real world performance.

With CATIA Systems Engineering , system architects, product engineers, designers and technical experts define both technical and business aspects. The RFLP approach (Requirements, Functional, Logical and Physical Design) upholds a full traceability during product development and product introduction. This helps shortening the gap between requirements analysis and the choice of the right solution.

CATIA Systems DBM Source Code Export

Generate source code from your systems behavior models to validate them on any hardware platform.

The effective validation of complex embedded systems requires the integration and simulation of interactions from many sub-systems and components. To validate the overall integrated behavior of these different components and sub-systems, organizations need to perform simulations by running the actual control logic software code on a number of different simulation platforms.

CATIA Systems DBM Source Code Export allows system engineers or architects to automatically generate reliable C-code from any component of the systems model. This code can then be used to simulate and validate the systems overall behavior in various simulation contexts. Based on these simulations, systems engineer can very quickly tune models, generate code and validate results keeping traceability along the process.

  • Reliable and traceable fully automatically generated source code
  • C-code generated can be adapted to any platform
  • Source code openness
  • Generation of self-sufficient source code from a DBM model.