CATIA Systems Engineering

CATIA Systems Engineering integrates complex product behaviour into the product definition, enabling a lifelike experience which predicts real world performance.

With CATIA Systems Engineering , system architects, product engineers, designers and technical experts define both technical and business aspects. The RFLP approach (Requirements, Functional, Logical and Physical Design) upholds a full traceability during product development and product introduction. This helps shortening the gap between requirements analysis and the choice of the right solution.

Key benefits include

  • Powerful , easy to use, multi-discipline modeling and simulation for systems engineering through a powerful open Modelica language
  • Validation of the control systems against integrated ‘plant’ models
  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes by using executable specifications
  • Improve final product quality by the early testing of more design alternatives
  • Formal system modeling and modular components promote reuse
  • Formalize system safety requirements and assess them during each phase of the development process by building and simulating a formal system functional safety model
  • Automatic generation of dependability models (Fault Tree, Event Sequences, System Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Common Cause Analysis)
  • Perform system functional safety analysis studies to check compliance with certification authorities. Verify the architecture robustness by faults injection and by graphical simulation of system behavior
  • Capitalize on systems knowledge through the re-use of components libraries.
  • Definition of kinematic mechanisms allowing analysis and check in several simulation contexts for a high quality product
  • Evaluate mechanisms with the ability to drive under-constrained systems early on

Available products