CATIA Product Experience

CATIA Experience brings together the Shape, Functional, Engineering and Architectural characteristics of a product definition to enable all participants to integrate the digital product experience.

CATIA Product Experience provides multiple elements to help people collaborate at the level of the product experience – where people sit together and review the overall project. Ease of use, simple dashboards, powerful analysis, search etc etc deliver the right information so managers and non specialists can find and interact with the product information they require.

CATIA Live Weight

Based upon 3D visualization, this product allows a complete review of mass properties

A complex assembly often gathers together thousands of parts. Without requiring to open all these parts in CATIA editor, the new Live Weight product enable managers or designers to track the weight of an assembly in the 3DLive navigation platform.

During the whole design of the product, the Weight manager, Mechanical engineer or Sustainability manager can analyze weight and inertia information at any level of the assembly, considering configured and filtered products when necessary.

The weight distribution is clearly visible. Volumes, tolerance on the weight and the confidence percentage are also easily accessible. The reporting of the weight definition ensures a quicker convergence on the maturity of the weight of the global mock-up.

  • Weight Synthesis considering configured & filtered product
  • Permit a prompt analysis of weight distribution in the assembly
  • Quicker convergence of the weight maturity through communication tools
  • Dashboard to track mass properties in 3DLive
    Weight or Sustainability managers can monitor the weight criteria without requiring a full CATIA authoring seat. Natural navigation in the 3D product, straightforward colour coded information contribute to their intuitive user experience.
  • Weight computation at high levels of the product structure
    A Project Manager often tracks the cumulative weight as a key performance indicator. Here, he can ensure that all weights have been declared, and check whether the cumulative weight meets the target. The weight distribution helps him to analyze which sub-assemblies are to blame before launching corrective actions.
  • Linear response in terms of scalability
    Mass properties of the whole assembly are promptly computed, taking into account even complex material specifications, such as composites.