CATIA Product Experience

CATIA Experience brings together the Shape, Functional, Engineering and Architectural characteristics of a product definition to enable all participants to integrate the digital product experience.

CATIA Product Experience provides multiple elements to help people collaborate at the level of the product experience – where people sit together and review the overall project. Ease of use, simple dashboards, powerful analysis, search etc etc deliver the right information so managers and non specialists can find and interact with the product information they require.

CATIA Live Fastener Review

Ensure efficient impact analysis through a suitable navigation among fasteners and fastened parts.

As fasteners can be managed in large amounts in the product structures, reviewers need to rely on powerful tools to control the fastening robustness. Similarly,

designers want to build simply their working session, and suppliers go by relevant display before fastening an assembly.

  • Easy and interactive decision making through instant reviews
  • Get a clear idea of the fastening operation in the assembly shop
  • Identify accurately fasteners impacted by a design change in a light session
  • Reversely, starting from a change in the fastening process, manage how to update related assemblies
  • Build an appropriate session based on a detailed analysis of the relations between parts and fasteners
  • Distinguish in the wink of an eye fasteners and fastened parts from others
    When “fastening navigation” is activated, objects in 3D are displayed in different colors depending whether they are fastener instances, fastened parts, unfastened parts or other parts.
  • New suitable navigation to analyze millions of fastening links among others
    A fastener analysis wizard, available via the east quadrant of the PLM compass, proposes to navigate from fasteners to their associated parts and reverse with only a few clicks. Starting from a part or from a group of parts, user can specify request to find fasteners related with this selection and any further parts involved with these fasteners. Results are quickly displayed and can be sorted in the panel.
  • Get immediately an overall and accurate analysis
    Selecting one or several parts in the tree or in 3D, user can see in a label the number of instances of fasteners associated to a part, their part numbers and their localization. In case a fastener is selected, the number of parts it fastens is displayed.
  • Detailed analysis becomes easier as groups of fastened parts can be considered as a whole
    An immersive frame enables user to compute specific searches of fasteners, retrieving core fasteners inside a group, or boundary fasteners linking the group to other parts, or different fasteners according to analysis mode.
  • Refine a subset of impacted parts to build the session for authoring
    Advanced functions allows user to choose a subset among the search results, by sorting them according to their context or according to their stacking. Designer can open the correspondent parts in a click, building a session or completing it.