CATIA Product Experience

CATIA Experience brings together the Shape, Functional, Engineering and Architectural characteristics of a product definition to enable all participants to integrate the digital product experience.

CATIA Product Experience provides multiple elements to help people collaborate at the level of the product experience – where people sit together and review the overall project. Ease of use, simple dashboards, powerful analysis, search etc etc deliver the right information so managers and non specialists can find and interact with the product information they require.

CATIA Knowledge Expert

Accelerates design alternative exploration and optimization for better design in less time

Product designs that continue to use physical prototypes are more prone to errors, delays, and increased costs. However, solutions with built-in knowledge ensure your product conforms to various standards, helping you to work faster and assure quality.

CATIA Knowledge Expert provides a powerful interactive environment to create and manage validation rules in order to ensure product designs conform to industry, customer or company standards. CATIA Knowledge Expert enables designers to dynamically capture design specifications and delivers a unique way of specifying companywide rules and checks to ensure compliance.

CATIA Knowledge Expert can be used in conjunction with all V6 products including CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA.

  • Capture and standardize your corporate engineering knowledge
  • Capitalize and organize corporate knowledge for wide deployment
  • Share corporate standards throughout the enterprise for better quality
  • Eliminate inaccurate designs by automating compliance with defined standards
  • Prevent costly and time-consuming corrections downstream
  • Exchange data easier and facilitate inter-process collaboration by adhering to company standards
  • Captures and standardizes corporate engineering knowledge
    CATIA Knowledge Expert lets users define as many generic rules and checks specifications as needed for all, and between all, classes of CATIA V6 objects from mechanical features such as holes and fillets, to topology objects such as faces and edges plus manufacturing objects, including drillings and many others. These expert rules and checks are not embedded in a unique design, and can then be used to automatically monitor the actions of any designer throughout the company. As geometry is created or changed, the system uses the expert rules and checks to ensure compliance to corporate standards while assisting the designer.
  • Capitalizes and organizes corporate knowledge
    Expert rules and checks are stored as independent objects in the ENOVIA PLM database. Users can define and manage rule sets to structure the corporate knowledge base logically. Rules are then classified in rule sets that are part of other rule sets. This structure allows different sets of rules and checks to be set up for different design or manufacturing processes, according to the user's needs. Rule sets can also be defined inside a representation (a part, an engineering specification) if the intent is not to share these rule sets for different purposes, but to specialize this rule set for controlling a specific product.
  • Shares corporate standards throughout the enterprise for better quality
    Once know-how is captured and stored, CATIA Knowledge Expert allows the standard to be spread across the enterprise. Designers have simple access to this high level data and are assured, in a permanent way, of the consistency of their design with corporate standards and best practices. Therefore, the risk of errors is reduced, improving productivity as the user converges toward an optimized design while focusing on the best approach for the company as they work.