CATIA Design

Creative design talks directly to people’s heart. Creative designers must be equipped with software tools that enable them to easily craft and adjust the product's emotional content through their designs,while collaborating with engineering to ensure proper coverage of product functional scope.

Successful products in the market are usually those with designs that elicit positive emotional response from their consumers. CATIA is at the service of creative designers and their creativity. Whether starting ideation in 3D from scratch or from 2D sketches, industrial designers can manipulate shapes with unrivaled freedom and take advantage of a true creativity accelerator to explore more ideas in the early conceptual phase. CATIA fully addresses the Automotive Class-A process with a solution for surface refinement that integrates industry leading ICEM surfacing technologies. By combining the V6 technology strengths, which include knowledge capture-and-reuse paradigm, it delivers a powerful and intuitive suite of tools for modeling, analyzing and visualizing aesthetic and ergonomic shapes for the highest Class-A surface quality.

CATIA Realistic Shape Optimizer

Optimizes 3D digital models through realistic shapes resulting from simulations or measurements.

The anticipation at the design stage of product behaviors after manufacturing operations or in usage makes it possible to better assess and enhance their design.

CATIA Realistic Shape Optimizer is able to manage simple displacement files (.txt format, resulting from finite elements analysis for instance, from discrete measurements on the real part, or from CAA partners’ simulation applications) to compute the realistic shape from the theorical shape initially designed by engineers.

CATIA Realistic Shape then enables the reverse engineering computation to obtain the compensated shape, allowing production of parts right the first time, diminishing the number of prototypes created and saving tremendous time and costs.

  • Embed your 3D design in reality
  • Optimize the product or the tooling definition
  • Benefit from an open format
  • Save time and capitalize knowledge
  • Compute the realistic shape of your product from analyses simulations or from real-world measurements
    CATIA Realistic Shape Optimizer enables you to capture realistic shape resulting from simulations, or measurements, of products in operation. CATIA Realistic Shape Optimizer’s technology enables to take into account any displacement files to create a CATIA V6 shape. As the basic input required is very simple, a text file including points and displacement vectors coordinates, any simulations or measurements performed within a third-part or in-house applications can be easily retrieved and apply to your design.
  • Quickly compare nominal shapes with the captured shapes
    Once created, the under load shapes or the shapes representing the as built product can be exploited and compared with the initial CAD shape definition. You can check and visualize product's interferences, clashes and kinematics under load conditions. You can then optimize the product's definition based on these comparisons.
  • Update and optimize initial theoretical shapes to get compensated shapes
    CATIA Realistic Shape Optimizer completes the design-simulation loop enabling users to easily update nominal CAD shapes into realistic shapes from operation's conditions simulations or measurements. Its unique breakthrough technology enables the user to perform quickly global morphing on complex shapes. You can perform reverse analysis, and directly create a deformed shape as the CAD initial model to obtain a product manufactured that correspond to your needs, to optimize tooling definition. CATIA Realistic Shape Optimizer can manage complete models or assemblies. The algorithm of global deformation can morph surfaces without altering their quality, ensuring internal continuities, and taking into account the initial design intent.