Where design intention and reality meet

Visualisations and Reality Modelling

Every designer wants to create a realistic impression of the finished product from the first design draft on. The quality of the product visualisation is also critical for the design approval process. ICEM Surf enables the creation of the product visualisation within the modelling software – we call it Reality Modelling.

The regular introduction of new features also ensures the realism of product visualisation is continually improved. One of the latest additions, Ambient Occlusion, ensures that a realistic amount of light and shadow appear on a modelled surface.

The ability to share perfect model visualisations in the early stages of product development improves the quality of the overall design, and supports better product approval decision-making at management level. With ICEM Surf you get a realistic visualisation of the product you want to design, combined with accurate surface geometry that helps you perfect its aesthetic and functional qualities.

The following modules are available:

ICEM Surf Realtime Rendering

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Realtime Rendering provides an advanced set of rendering tools that allow the designer to generate a photo-realistic representation of the CAD model. Often used for live presentation and design reviews, designers can dynamically rotate the model, apply effects such a s textures, transparency, shadows, and reflections, set lighting conditions that can control the ambient occlusion, lens flares and high dynamic rendering (HDR) lights within a user defined environment while continuing to maintain the photo-realistic representation.

ICEM Surf Viewer

ICEM Surf Viewer is a standalone software tool used for viewing and presenting 3D CAD models that are exported from ICEM Surf databases. The standalone Viewer software is free of charge. The Export to Viewer function within ICEM Surf is a cost option.
Designed for use by people who need to view digital product models but who are not users of ICEM Surf modeling software, ICEM Viewer enables department managers and non-technical personnel within companies, as well as these companies suppliers, to access and to view any 3D surface model created with ICEM Surf.