Clouds you can touch

Modules for scan data processing

In automotive design, the clay model is the starting point for the creation of most surfaces. Whether you start with a clay model of a automotive design study, or you want to refine an existing product, a point cloud created by a 3D scanner is the basis of the geometry you need. ICEM Surf lets you process scan data, and create and visualise surfaces directly from a point cloud very quickly.

The following modules are available:

ICEM Surf Scan Modelling

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Scan Modeling allows users to efficiently handle dense, ordered, or random point clouds generated by automatic laser and photo digitizers. Tools are provided to enable the designer to directly, locally, or globally, model point clouds or facet data. Additional tools associated to the process of Quick Surfacing are provided when users need to create surfaces, very quickly, from point clouds, curves or facet data. User defined sections and/or curves, together with a facet model are used to initial quick surface creation. Surfaces generated automatically by Quick Surfacing can be used downstream with software packages that cannot support facets or do not need Class-A finished surfaces (for example, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), tooling or packaging analysis, and the like).