Creating and modifying your virtual surface model

Foundation and Core modules of ICEM Surf

ICEM Surf is a modular software solution. The core module is ICEM Surf Professional, which can then be extended via ICEM Surf Master and ICEM Surf Magic. There are also additional modules that give you the tools to create perfect design perception using, for example:

  • advanced modules and analysis,
  • visualisation and rendering,
  • scan data processing and
  • connectivity.

The following modules are available:

ICEM Surf Professional

ICEM Surf Professional is often described as the reference system for the creation of Class-A surfaces; it is the base module for the creation and modification of demanding free-form surfaces. In a very short time you can model components with surfaces that are doubly curved and smooth at the same time. Unique construction and modeling tools with integrated real-time diagnosis rapidly lead you to the desired results.

ICEM Surf Master

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Master focuses on global filleting, Overcrowning, Feature Design and global connections of surfaces. With Feature Design for example, static pre-defined form changes can be applied globally to complete models in one operation, while all surface structures, connections and design features are maintained. Thus existing designs can be quickly and easily adapted to new or modified references, for consistent design integrity and engineering data re-use.

ICEM Surf Magic

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Magic provides additional tools for surface construction, and makes global dynamic design and modeling of complex surface models possible. Entire components or component sections, consisting of multiple surfaces can be changed dynamically as a unit. Surfaces may also be re-fitted or projected onto reference data.