ICEM Surf speaks CAD

Connectivity tools and Collaboration interfaces

Today’s collaborative working environment requires frequent, high-volume data exchange. That’s why ICEM Surf also includes a broad range of connectivity tools. These tools allow you to cooperate as efficiently and effectively as possible with other departments, suppliers and OEM customers.

ICEM Surf provides a variety of direct interfaces for the major platform systems and neutral, industry-standard interfaces. So, you can be sure that the software will be easy to integrate into the CAD/CAM systems environment you are running. ICEM Surf can also be integrated into existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system environments. The benefits are clear: improved workflow, enhanced data integrity and easier data sharing between power users and casual users.

The following modules are available:

ICEM Surf Direct Interfaces

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Direct-Interfaces can translate CAD data out of the sending system directly into the data format of the receiving system, without a neutral file. The following ICEM Surf products are ICEM Surf Direct-Interfaces.

ICEM Surf PLM-Link

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf PLM-Link enables ICEM Surf users to seamlessly integrate the software into any existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment. It also allows timesaving offline access to further ICEM utilities for checking quality and data conversion.