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ICEM Surf advanced modules

A data model must always take into account the real-world requirements of the final product, such as a car. That’s why there is a need for software tools that can ensure the design adheres to pre-defined design parameters, aesthetic perception and feasibility check of the prototype in terms of, for example, the required tooling. The Advanced Modules have been developed to ensure the customer doesn’t have to conduct these tests and analyses on physical prototypes.

In fact, they empower you to refine the design further and further until you have created a unique, perfectly styled product. Additionally, the advanced analysis modules ensure the product meets the relevant compliance and regulatory requirements before you create your first physical model.

Diagnostics and Real-time Analysis

In industrial design, it is now standard practice that every physical model you produce must be functional. On the one hand, that means design processes have become more compact and more integrated. On the other, time to market has been shortened significantly. The result? The design and engineering departments of any product-oriented enterprise must work even faster.

Special diagnostic tools help the user achieve the right balance between surface smoothness and adherence to the digitised data.

Simultaneous real-time analysis lets you see reflection lines, curvature, or deviation from reference data dynamically as you manipulate surfaces. The benefit of this approach is clear: the creation of production-quality surfaces in a fraction of the time that would be required if another system were used.

The following modules are available:

ICEM Surf Advanced Tools

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Advanced Tools provides advanced capabilities to address industry specific needs such as Accelerated Surfaces to compensate for sheet metal spring back, Gap function to aid the design of car body gaps, Corner Blend to manage the shape between 3 converging surfaces, Helix to construct movable automotive side window glasses. Advanced diagnosis tools; Leveling analysis to check the homogeneity of a surface area compared to a reference area, Flat Region to check for unwanted flat areas in a surface model, Nominal actual value comparison to check deviation of a surface to scan data for example.

ICEM Surf Safety Analysis

An add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional, ICEM Surf Safety Analysis was developed primarily for safety studies in the automotive industry, but has many other applications where humans need to operate in a man-made environment. It provides digital tools, which can detect edges and corners on a 3D model that may cause injuries. It subsequently analyses and highlights the radii in these zones, which are defined as dangerous, based on the specified industry-standard safety criteria.