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ICEM Surf Product Details

High quality surface modelling is essential for successful product design. To produce a reliable surface model at the first attempt, the modelling software has to be able to implement the most advanced mathematics for G0 to G3 quality surfaces, curves and forms. Not only that, to ensure the designer and the engineer get the results they really need, the software has to do this dynamically and interactively. We call it Explicit Surface Modelling.

Any idea, any design data: ICEM Surf makes it work

Whatever your design and engineering processes, ICEM Surf supports your surface modelling staff with the advanced tools they need for:

Designing from scratch

  • Reverse engineering based on point clouds
  • Designing from imported CAD models
  • Exterior/interior design
  • Tooling for optimised manufacturing
  • Visualisation for perfect presentation

Put simply, ICEM Surf is designed to work with your environment and your ideas whatever they look like. ICEM Surf creates the virtual surface model you need for your product’s design specification. But it also creates the geometrical structures your engineers need to bring your product to market as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

Surfaces can be modelled and modified to your specifications, and according to the way you want to work. You don’t need to think about the geometrical structure – just use the software to shape your idea, and then watch your ideas take shape.