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Digital Continuity for Buildings and Infrastructure

The design and engineering processes for construction requires close collaboration among multiple participants across all project phases. Additionally, increasingly complex construction projects require that all teams rely on 3D as a common language to facilitate collaboration and reduce rework between phases.

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA allows architects and engineers to build beyond the limits of traditional project delivery methods by delivering a range of 3D modeling solutions that span all design and engineering phases. This allows for complete digital continuity for diverse project teams on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


  • Robust, industry-specific roles and applications to design and engineer buildings and infrastructure
  • Create high level of detail models fully compliant with industry standards (IFC)
  • Design for fabrication by developing models that conform to prefabrication or industrialized construction methods
  • Geolocate the model and manage the construction project in the context of the city or territory
  • Generate associative 2D documents from the 3D model
  • Extract complete Bill of Materials from the construction model
  • Collaborate with external partners and consultants by importing various file types to integrate into the master model
  • Capitalize on accumulated knowledge by reusing templates and best practices across all projects




  • on cloud
  • on premise
  • All
  • 3D Generative Innovator

    on cloud
    Browser-based, on-the-cloud, generative modelling, that uniquely combines graphical visual scripting and interactive 3D-modelling, with the ability to use one or the other interchangeably at any time.
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  • 3D MEP Designer

    on cloud on premise
    Design and engineer detailed systems for construction in the three traditional building systems: Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP)
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  • Architectural Detail Designer

    on cloud on premise
    Deliver a truly collaborative design environment where architects, engineers, planners, consultants and building owners can work together.
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  • Building Structures Designer

    on cloud on premise
    Design detailed building structures for construction where architects, engineers, planners, consultants and building owners can collaborate.
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  • Building and Civil Coordinator

    on cloud on premise
    Review and collaborate around a construction project to coordinate all phases from design to fabrication and manage Building Information Models (BIM)
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  • Civil Engineer

    on cloud on premise
    Enable all stakeholders of a civil infrastructure project to manage and execute all phases of a project from design to fabrication within a single platform.
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  • Concept Building Designer

    on cloud on premise
    Quickly develop conceptual building information models and evaluate design decisions for a project of any size, scale or level of complexity.
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