The field of image analysis is rapidly evolving, helping automate today’s labor-intensive processes. The Pipeline Pilot Imaging Collection keeps up with state-of-the-art methods and offers easy-to-use capabilities for image processing, analysis, modeling and solution deployment.

The Imaging Collection

  • Source data flexibly
    • Retrieve images from a variety of sources, databases and formats
  • Automate image processing
    • Geometric transformations, filtering, contrast enhancement and more
  • Streamline analysis
    • Image segmentation, classification, complex multi-channel measurements and annotation
  • Scale for Big Data
    • Support for large images (e.g. tissue slides, confocal microscopy, etc.)
  • Support HPC and grid systems
    • Oracle Grid Engine, LSF, and PBS/Torque
  • Simplify deep learning
    • Import and deploy pre-trained deep learning models