BIOVIA Insight for Excel


BIOVIA Insight for Excel is the next generation of BIOVIA's legacy scientific Excel add-ins, and replaces ISIS for Excel and Accord for Excel. Isentris for Excel now uses Insight for Excel.

Perform scientific calculations from Excel

BIOVIA Insight for Excel supports effective decision-making through the aggregation, analysis and presentation of scientific data including the following capabilities:

  • Load Molecular Data Files – You can load SD, RD, XD and other molecular data files and display live chemistry in Excel.
  • Search Datasources – You can load data into Excel from Searching Datasources or list of IDs using BIOVIA Insight. You can also "Add fields" and "Get Data" using the Query Service from the BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot server and share these workbook with others.
  • Visualize data in Insight Search – If you license Insight you can pass your data to BIOVIA Insight and visualize your data using the latest decision support tool provided by BIOVIA.
  • Calculate Molecular Properties – Built-in Excel functions enable you to calculate molecular properties on the structures in your workbook.
  • RGroup Analysis – Perform RGroup analysis on structures to decompose a set of structures into cores and fragments for further analysis.
  • CombiChem Analysis – Perform combinatorial chemistry analyses on a set of structures.
  • Extensible Environment to Run BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Protocols from Excel - Leverage the vast breadth of BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot capabilities within Excel. As a Pipeline Pilot protocol author, you can expose existing and new capabilities to Excel users.
Connect to Pipeline Pilot protocols to access the full breadth of scientific capabilities