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Systems Biology & Integrative Therapeutics


To meet the needs of tomorrow’s patients, the pharmaceutical industry must transform their approach to R&D productivity. Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with industry leaders of the BioIntelligence Consortium, has developed a comprehensive suite of BioPLM solutions to address core challenges of pharmaceutical R&D productivity and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug discovery and development process. 

Through global scientific collaboration, scientific content federation, semantic search, virtual modeling and predictive simulations, pharmaceutical researchers and their global ecosystem can quickly and more efficiently create new drugs and improve the success rate of delivering new, better targeted therapeutic solutions.


  • Leverage a global knowledge compendium through intuitive navigation and unique scientific referential.
  • Achieve collaborative modeling of biological systems enabling capitalization of proprietary hypotheses across drug discovery/development.
  • Identify the most appropriate therapeutic strategies with a global solution for calibration, simulation and analysis of biological systems.
  • Predict drug efficacy by quantitatively simulating evolution of biological endpoints.
  • Predict drug safety with a comprehensive solution based on chemical and biological discovery data.
  • Design more informative clinical trials through pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics simulations. 


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  • Clinical Outcome Modeler

    on premise
    Design more informative clinical trials through pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics simulations.
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  • Scientific Decision Maker

    on premise
    Make informed decisions rapidly with complete, synthetic and unique access to consolidated knowledge
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  • Therapeutics Efficacy Modeler

    on cloud on premise
    Evaluation of drug efficacy & new therapeutic strategies through simulation/analysis
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  • Therapeutics Safety Modeler

    on premise
    Predicting and improving the safety of new therapeutics
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