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CATIA - Aerospace Sheetmetal Design 3 Configuration (SL3)

P3 Configuration

Configuration overview

Provides all the necessary tools to perform advanced and specific 3D design of sheet metal parts used in the aerospace industry in one seat. It also delivers a full portfolio of productive and innovative Design and Drafting solutions to the user, including applications concerning shape design, image rendering and interfaces. The framework of this solution provides the user with overwhelming product and process integration expertise, where the highest productivity potential is focused on specific aerospace sheet metal processes.

CATIA - Aerospace Sheetmetal Design 3 Configuration (SL3) Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
CATIA - Knowledge Expert KE1    
Real Time Rendering RT1 RT1  
CATIA - Assembly Design   ASD  
CATIA - Part Design   PDG  
CATIA - Generative Drafting   GDR  
CATIA - Interactive Drafting ID1    
CATIA - Object Manager     CO3
CATIA - CADAM Interface CC1    
CATIA - STEP Core Interface ST1    
CATIA - V4 Integration   V4I  
CATIA - Generative Shape Design GS1    
CATIA - Aerospace SheetMetal Design     ASL