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CATIA - Reverse Engineering 2 Configuration (RE2)

P2 Configuration

Configuration overview

CATIA - Reverse Engineering 2 (RE2) Configuration provides all of the necessary tools to cover the complete surface reverse engineering process. From the import of digitised data, their clean up and tessellation, to the recovering and finishing of surfaces, RE2 allows the user to quickly "virtualise" design study alternatives. RE2 provides the best technology available for managing potentially huge meshes and faithfully recovering shapes with high quality results. The RE2 set of easy-to-use capabilities allows manufacturing companies to, not only shorten the design validation phase, but also to enhance the quality of CAD data in the preliminary design process.

CATIA - Reverse Engineering 2 Configuration (RE2) Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
Real Time Rendering   RTR  
CATIA - Object Manager   COM  
CATIA - V4 Integration   V4I  
CATIA - Generative Shape Design GS1    
CATIA - Digitized Shape Editor   DSE  
CATIA - Quick Surface Reconstruction   QSR