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CATIA - Business Knowledge Process Definition 3 (KD3)

P3 Configuration

Configuration overview

The CATIA - Business Knowledge Process Definition 3 (KD3) configuration accelerates company's business processes while ensuring compliance with its best practices and taking advantage of its collective know-how. The KD3 configuration offers users an access to advanced design parameterization, knowledge capture and optimization tools and allows them to define standard rules and checks for design quality assessment.
It helps them to optimize the design process by making synergistic use of CATIA V5's suite of powerful knowledgeware tools and by leveraging corporate knowledge with V5-empowered best practices workbenches.
"Capture, reuse, automate, explore, optimize, validate" is the unique philosophy that guides the KD3 configuration: Get it right first time!

CATIA - Business Knowledge Process Definition 3 (KD3) Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
CATIA - Knowledge Advisor   KWA  
CATIA - Knowledge Expert   KWE  
CATIA - Product Engineering Optimizer   PEO  
CATIA - Product Knowledge Template Definition   PKT  
Business Process Knowledge Template     BKT
CATIA - Object Manager     CO3
CATIA - V4 Integration   V4I