3DVIA Studio Pro

3DVIA Studio Pro is an interactive 3D application authoring platform that empowers users to efficiently create and flexibly deliver visually stunning, immersive 3DEXPERIENCES.

3DVIA V6R2013x Highlights

3DVIA Studio Pro V6R2013x

Professional 3D development environment

3DVIA Studio Pro is an integrated content development platform for creating immersive real-time 3D software applications. An enterprise-grade solution, 3DVIA Studio Pro empowers users with a robust collection of easy-to-use interfaces, engines, and editors that help keep their production on track and under budget.

Professional publishing

3DVIA Studio Pro provides users with a high degree of flexibility for delivering finished content including:

  • Rendering community-accessible applications directly to 3dvia.com
  • Customized deployment through the 3DVIA Studio Pro Player
  • Stand-alone executables (.exe)
  • Integration with VR/AR systems

Rendering and advanced engines

3DVIA Studio Pro allows users to create more compelling and realistic interactive 3D projects using advanced rendering, physics, sound, animation, video, Web, and asset manipulation engines.

3D pipeline management

3DVIA Studio Pro lets users clearly define processes for optimizing 3D CAD and DCC design data – regardless of source. Using configurable asset processors, 3DVIA Studio Pro can create instances of assets with the appropriate textures, and file formats for use in different applications. And if the source data is modified, all associated instances are updated automatically. This intuitive approach to 3D asset management lets users work with their teams more efficiently for more rapid application development.

Immersive Virtuality (iV)

Immersive Virtuality (iV) is a reflection of the tools and technologies that enable users to become physically immersed in 3D environments, allowing them to interact naturally with the virtual world for a vivid, 3D experience. With the ability to manage virtual and augmented reality devices and deployment environments, 3DVIA Studio Pro provides a single platform that serves all iV application needs.

Open architecture

Whether users are developers, programmers, or 3D artists, 3DVIA Studio Pro provides access to both visual (Schematic) and programming (VSL) methods for creating applications. And with the C++ SDK, users can easily integrate custom behaviors to help maximize production efficiency and create the most realistic applications possible.