Learn how to give birth to your child through a unique and realistic 3D simulation.

Giving birth in 3D


More than 75 millions childbirth occur worldwide, with more than 700,000 in the UK alone. Just as many mothers-to-be will, for 9 long months, wonder about questions such as "What to do when I feel the first contractions?", "What's going to happen to me if the pain gets too intense at the maternity ward?"

BornToBeAlive answers to those questions in the form of an immersive and interactive 3D Experience. It aims to supplement the information and advice provided by health professionals, for those who really want to understand and to see what could not be seen before. Be ready for D-day in the best possible dispositions by playing through this realistic experience.

A global social issue

Just like StayingAlive, BornToBeAlive is a 3D Experience developed through a partnership between ILUMENS, the Medical Pedagogic Laboratory at the University of Paris-Descartes, and Dassault Systèmes. Through its implication in this project, Dassault Systèmes deepens its involvement in health and public interest matters. In a year, the Staying Alive 3D Experience has taught more than 15,000 people the life-saving heart massage. With this new project, it's about giving life.

A world premiere

This unique 3D Experience lets you see more than you could have ever seen right from your home. The 3D real-time simulation explains the different steps from pregnancy to childbirth. Unveiled at the annual congress of the French National College of OB/GYN (the Collège National Des Gynécologues et Obstétriciens Français). Moms-to-be have tested it at the Port Royal maternity ward, with positive and enthused reactions.

An online 3D Experience

You will be immersed in a 3D environment in which you will familiarize yourself with the maternity ward and the delivery room, in order to better understand the machines and processes and how they work, as well as the actions that you can take to replace stress with serenity when the time comes. You are also welcome to join our community, where health professionals and specialists, midwives and doctors can answer any further questions you may have.

Those realistic 3D Experiences are fantastic educational tools, of a kind that will only become more and more popular, with the objective to raise awareness, train and evaluate the public as well as members of the public health system.

Alexandre Mignon Professor of Anesthesia, Director of the iLumens initiative, AP-HP, Paris Descartes University