3DVIA Studio Pro

3DVIA Studio Pro is an interactive 3D application authoring platform that empowers users to efficiently create and flexibly deliver visually stunning, immersive 3DEXPERIENCES.

Key 3DVIA Studio Pro Features

3DVIA Studio Pro is an integrated content development platform build leveraging Dassault Systèmes' over 15 years of experience creating more immersive, real-time 3D software applications. An enterprise-grade solution, 3DVIA Studio Pro equips users with the authoring tools and professional support necessary to rapidly develop interactive applications, such as virtual training, that can be deployed in secure environments.

Professional Publishing

3DVIA Studio Pro provides users with a high degree of flexibility for delivering finished content including:

  • Rendering community accessible applications directly to 3dvia.com
  • Customized deployment through the 3DVIA Studio Pro Player
  • Standalone executables (.exe)
  • Integration with VR/AR systems

Immersive Virtuality

Immersive virtuality (iV) is a reflection of the tools and technologies that enable users to become physically immersed in 3D environments, allowing them to interact naturally with the virtual world for a vivid, lifelike experience. With the ability to manage virtual and augmented reality devices and deployment environments, 3DVIA Studio Pro provides a single platform that serves all iV application needs.

Professional-level Support

Keep projects running smoothly with access to dedicated support and consulting from the 3DVIA Studio Pro technical team.

Collaborative Authoring Environment

Work more effectively across teams. The collaborative structure of 3DVIA Studio Pro allows developers and artists to work simultaneously on different parts of the same project without interrupting workflow.

Community-based Development

Leverage the power of Web 2.0 technology through 3dvia.com, an online, community-based resource where a broad collection of 3D models, templates, and behaviors can be accessed.

Rendering and Advanced Engines

Create more compelling and realistic interactive 3D projects using advanced rendering, physics, sound, animation, video, Web, and asset manipulation engines.

Art Pipeline

Import art assets from major digital content creation tools (Maya, 3ds Max) into 3DVIA Studio Pro with custom importers that get the job done for you.


Use Virtools Scripting Language (VSL), a powerful C++-based language that complements the 3DVIA Studio Pro schematic editor and SDK, to process scripts at run-time/author mode, as well as debug projects.

Behavior Library

Spend less time programming by utilizing the 3DVIA Studio Pro library of 450 building blocks: pre-packaged code snippets for giving function to objects (e.g., rotate).


Learn 3DVIA Studio Pro as a beginner or hone your skills as a master with a constantly expanding library of detailed online documentation, tutorials, demos, downloadable project files and more.

Build Process Control

Let 3DVIA Studio Pro handle your project optimization at build time with asset processors such as simplifying polygons, resizing textures, model format conversions, and more.