3DVIA Store

A ready-to-use business solution for Brand Manufacturers and Retailers

3DVIA V6R2013x Highlights

3DVIA Store V6R2013x

3DVIA Store is the ready-to-use business solution for simulating retailing and brand merchandising settings in 3D on-line experiences. In V6R2013x, 3DVIA Store significantly enhances 3D experiences with improved usability, visualization and performance.

3DVIA Store Enhancements

In V6R2013x, 3DVIA Store improves flexibility, customization, and usability for a greatly enhanced 3DEXPERIENCE. This version offers the use of business indicators for optimizing store shelves, custom display of product information, greater control of product placement and a large assortment of productivity tools and enhancements.

3DVIA Merchandising Optimizer Enhancements

Business Indicators Analysis

In 3DVIA Store V6R2013x, products placed in a gondola can be highlighted with colors associated to a value range of a business metric, such as average sales or product margins.  The highlighting improves decision-making for optimizing placement of products on gondola shelves.

Custom List of Business Indicators

A custom list of business indicators can be retrieved from a customer server and stored in a gondola for use in business analysis and display.  Custom indicators enable 3DVIA Store to support unique business processes for any given customer.  Additionally, a new indicator, Linear Meters, is provided to evaluate shelf space used by a specific product.

Business Indicator Display Settings

The visual appearance of Business Indicators on a gondola can be customized using a variety of parameters:  color, decimal units, and currency position.  The flexibility in display helps support a customer’s unique business requirements.

3DVIA Store Studio

Product Info Displayed in Status Bar

Product information is now readily viewable in the Status bar.  The new capability improves productivity by eliminating the need to access the information through the Properties panel. Information such as UPD (unique product code), product description, and recommended public pricing can be shown in the status bar.

Customized Product Information

In the latest release, administrators can modify product information displayed in the Properties panel by editing an XML configurator file. The display includes customized information in addition to standard product attributes, enabling customers to display all information that is required for their business processes.

Display Product Quantity during Face Manipulation

Planogram business efficiency is improved by displaying the total quantity of products during placement. When products are copied and replicated along a shelf or a peg, the quantity display ensures the required number of products is placed.

Manage Product Quantity Depth

This release offers the ability to control the number of products placed in depth on a shelf. The greater control improves planogram business efficiency and better supports business objectives, such as stocking for weekly sales only.

Shelf Tray Quantity Management

When placing product in a Shelf Tray, a new attribute, Consumer Units, can now be displayed in the front of the tray. Consumer Units contains the exact quantity of product in a shelf tray. The displayed information improves planogram business efficiency by providing a visual reference to ensure the proper quantity of product is placed.

Free Positioning of Exposed Representations

In 3DVIA Store V6R2013x, exposed representation of products (those not in packaging) can be freely positioned on a shelf.  A product’s placement and orientation can be easily manipulated, including raising the product off the shelf.  The new capability helps ensure a realistic simulation of product placement.

Pallet Assets in Display, Store, and Shelf-Tray

In this release, pallets are no longer restricted to placement at the bottom of a gondola.  Pallets can be placed throughout the store as needed, providing further flexibility for store design.

Enhanced Consumer Decision Tree

The Consumer Decision Tree now supports the ability to review changes made in ENOVIA prior to accepting them.  Color coding highlights the changes for easy visual identification. Additionally, the user can choose how to adapt the display size for accommodate changes in segment name or number.

Store Studio Lighting Consistency (and Store Experience)

Lighting is now more consistent across Store Studio, First Person Shopper, and Pack Manager.  Consistent lighting helps ensure that product coloring as defined by brand merchandizing in Pack Manager is experienced as intended by shoppers.

Mirror Gondola and Mounting Instructions

A gondola can now be easily mirrored for use in different store designs. Mirrored gondolas can be edited and modified independent of the original gondola. In addition, mounting instructions can be published based on the mirrored configuration.

Mounting Instructions Template

Product information displayed in mounting instructions can be customized to meet unique customer processes and specific categories.  Administrators can modify and create templates of product tables by editing an XML configurator file.  Space Managers can then select the right template to generate mounting instructions.

Improved Visual Quality Clothes and Blister

In 3DVIA Store V6R2013x, the visual quality of 3D models generated for clothing and blisters in Pack Manager has been improved by removal of artifacts.

Multiple Representations in Bulk Import

Multiple representations of a single product can be imported simultaneously during bulk import. The different representations can be used for product display when appropriate, such as showing a product both in and out of its packaging.

Clone Assortment, Store, Display, Scene, Shelf-Tray

Merchandizing assets including Assortment, Store, Display, Scene, and Shelf-Tray can be cloned and modified independently, greatly improving productivity when devising new merchandizing plans.

Localization in French, Spanish, and Italian

The 3DVIA Store user interface and user deliverables, such as mounting instructions, are now available in three new languages: French, Spanish, and Italian.

3DVIA Store Experience Enhancements

Improved Start Performance

In 3DVIA Store V6R2013x, the user experience for First Person Shopper is improved through a faster start performance.

Improved Visual Quality

First Person Shopper now supports higher visual details at greater distances, enabling shoppers to more efficiently navigate a store.

Cave & Wall Support with Multipipe Technology

3DVIA Store V6R2013x supports fully immersive environments using multipipe technology for reviewing and validating merchandising plans.  The technology supports both cave and wall configurations.  First Person Shopper can be launched in any 3D scene to provide a realistic shopping experience.

Additional Documentation (and Store Studio)

New chapters have been added to the In 3DVIA Store V6R2013x documentation including:

  • Working with Assortment, Product Representation, Gondola, Store in ENOVIA
  • Working with Store Studio


Installation and Configuration documentation has also been improved.

Internet Explorer 9.0 Support (and Store Studio, Merchandizing Optimizer)
3DVIA Store V6R2013x supports IE 9.0, providing IT more choices of browser versions.