Getting Started with 3DVIA Home

This series of short video tutorials introduces you to the key basics of 3DVIA Home, helping you get started with all the fundamentals.


3DVIA Home is a fun and easy-to-use 3D space planning app to help you and your customers design a dream kitchen.  Even though 3DVIA Home is simple to use, it never hurts to have a little help to get started! So, we created a series of short video tutorials that provide all of the basics to design a kitchen with 3DVIA Home. The videos can be watched in order to see how a kitchen is designed from beginning to end, or you can watch a specific topic to learn about specific functionality.

Because 3DVIA Home is custom designed for you, your experience may be slightly different from what is shown in the tutorials, but the basic functionality is the same. You can use the "Request a Tutorial" button if there are other topics you would like to see covered in future videos.

Have fun and go get started!

NOTE: To view the videos in full screen, click on the arrows in the bottom right corner of the player window.  Press the ESC key to exit full screen mode.

Tutorial 1: Logging In and Creating a New Project

Get started with the basics of logging-in and beginning a new project.


Tutorial 2: Selecting a Kitchen Style

Learn about picking a style and selecting colors for a kitchen project.


Tutorial 3: Using the Sketcher

Start sketching the layout of your room by inserting walls and doors.


Tutorial 4: Using the Wizard Steps 1 & 2

Discover how the automated proposal wizard helps you easily select a kitchen layout and choose appliances.


Tutorial 5: Using the Wizard Step 3

Refine your kitchen layout with additional wizard features, view the triangle of activity and navigate the toolbar and display options.


Tutorial 6: Modifying a Customer Project

Learn about opening and modifying customer projects.


Tutorial 7: Adding 3D Furniture

Discover how to add 3D Furniture to your kitchen layout, duplicate cabinets, and use the 3D measurement and edit ("pen") tools.


Tutorial 8: Creating Custom Countertops - Part 1

Modify the shape and style your kitchen countertops and update existing floorplans and furniture.


Tutorial 9: Creating Custom Countertops - Part 2

Explore these additional features for modifying your countertop.


Tutorial 10: Creating a 2D Plan

Learn about the options for creating a 2D plan for your kitchen design.


Tutorial 11: Project Summary

Learn to create a project summary for your design.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorials.  And, thank you for being a 3DVIA Home customer.