3DVIA Home In-Store Features

The 3DVIA Home in-store option provides sales associates, design consultants, and retail managers’ professional-level capabilities, administration and reporting functions.  In addition to all 3D space planning and room design features available to consumers, the in-store option adds custom countertop design, 2D plan editing, customer search capabilities, and web-based usage and performance reports.

Key in-store features include:

Worktop Editor - Extremely easy to use, the worktop editor includes the ability to apply straight and curved edges, cutouts, edge profiles, fiber directions, and define worktop cuts and splits.  Worktop edges move using drag and drop, and automatically snap to the underlying base cabinetry.  Dimension values can also be modified directly and the worktop updates automatically.

2D Plan Editor - A fully functional 2D editing environment provides a complete set of functions for adding dimensions, notes, annotations and specifying viewable layers.  3DVIA Home automatically creates fully dimensioned plan and elevation views that can be edited to provide further clarity.

Usage Reports - Web-based usage and performance reports include sales funnel metrics, website and store activity, prospect maturity levels, consumer product choices and their average kitchen sizes.

Customer Search - Sales associates can search for a prospect by contact name or e-mail address to view contact information, store assignment, prospect maturity level and a list of all related 3D space planning projects.