3DVIA Make

Elevate Your Business with Product Collaborative Personalization

Be on the leading edge of this dynamic shift in retail

It’s all about personalization for today’s consumers.

Now there is a way to give your customers exactly what they want – with 3DVIA Make. Collaborative personalization is a process where the brand, the retailer and the customer collaborate to create personalized products.  Seamlessly integrated with your online store, 3DVIA Make enables you to deliver brand-approved personalized products.  Your customers personalize products within the parameters you set, while capturing their individual needs and desires. 3DVIA Make brings the power of product personalization and the flexibility of 3D printing to consumers that want to create a one-of-a-kind product and enables retailers to develop on-demand businesses and to avoid many of their current associated costs.

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What is 3DVIA Make?

3DVIA Make is cloud-based 3D personalization process embedded in your online store . It provides your customers with an easy-to-use, engaging interface to personalize and order one-of-a-kind, brand-approved creations.

Stand Out From the Crowd

3DVIA Make uniquely enables you to provide consumers with the ability to personalize and order 3D printed products while certifying a printable object for the material selected. 3DVIA Make’s Collaborative Personalization solution is a multi-billion dollar revenue source that doesn’t require you to invest upfront or develop in-house capabilities. 3DVIA Make will have a strategic impact on your business enabling you to increase margins by moving from supply chain management to on-demand manufacturing.

With 3DVIA Make, you offer unlimited designs, and enable your customers to personalize products reflecting their imaginations and needs while protecting your brand recognition. And ,you will never run out of their size!

With 3DVIA Make, You Will:

Grow your revenue – appeal to customers who look for opportunities to be emotionally involved – let them make your products theirs

Expand the offerings of your brand – create a deeper assortment of products  through personalization

Increase the value delivered to your customers – brand loyalty is reinforced by savvy shoppers who express themselves through product design choices and cherish the overall result.

Achieve higher price points and higher margins – customers willpay more for a personalized product designed by them while enjoying a delightful user experience; your margins also increase because there’s no upfront investment to produce the merchandise or to manage a traditional supply chain.

How It Works

IMPORT - Your product 3D data is uploaded into 3DVIA Make from your native design tools. Before it is added to your online store, it will  allow you to define the materials offered, select the set of personalization constraints, and validate manufacturing capability.

PERSONALIZE – Your customers access products to be personalized through your online store and design their own unique products within the boundaries you,the brand, has chosen to offer them.

PRODUCE – One-of-a kind, custom products are 3D printed, or otherwise produced, on-demand using your preferred fulfillment provider.

3DVIA Make Additional Benefits

  • Online store integration – 3DVIA Make’s personalization widget is a white label platform embedded into your online store and integrated with your shopping cart
  • On-demand manufacturing - brings manufacturing closer to the point of sale; on-demand manufacturing reduces costs associated with traditional manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Stronger sales and brand loyalty – customers connect better to your brand, come back for more, and tell their friends through social media
  • No inventory – easier to offer more products and more options because items are produced on demand based on your existing and new digital data; no unnecessary production or other costs associated with transporting and storing inventory, which may be stagnant
  • IP Protection - protects IP because only the manufacturer has access to the full product data; data used by the website is degraded without loss of visual quality to the viewer; brand reputation is preserved and unacceptable language is automatically rejected
  • Facilitates globalization of your market - offers customer easy access to highly personalized products regardless of location
  • Unlimited long tail products - you, the brand, can offer a large array of personalization options while providing a fun and creative customer experience to personalize an infinite variations of products – you’re never out of stock!