Product Configuration

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The Barrier

Stagnant product promotions that don’t inform consumers about a product’s benefits and options don’t attract attention.

Standard images don’t engage the consumer or generate interest – the experience is flat. In a noisy landscape, brands need to be memorable and inspire the imagination.

The Ideal

Provide consumers with the opportunity to interact with a product and explore all the options available to them before purchase. Instill a sense of ownership even before the decision to buy has been made.

Upselling and cross-selling is more fluid if additional selections and accessories are available in the experience.

Our Solution

3DEXCITE configurators put an entire product line at the consumer’s fingertips. Because they’re based on the product master model, the digital representations are lifelike.

Photo-real materials allow any consumer to customize the product as imagined. Personalization creates brand advocates . Sharing final configurations across social media channels increases organic awareness.

Dealership Experiences

Transform the showroom into a compelling Point of Sale opportunity and ensure customer satisfaction with 3DEXCITE’s Dealership Experiences. Our unique blend of 3D solutions allow for engaging brand and product interaction, which ultimately presents a product in it’s best light. Regardless of the physical footprint, entire vehicle lines are available for personal engagements. Whether employing VR configurators, POS configurators or visualizers – product exploration becomes part of the buying experience. By offering this level of interaction, aesthetic sensibilities are addressed and important product information is conveyed.

Mobile & Web 2D Visualization

3DEXCITE blends creative flair with its vast internal expertise of professional visualization technology to present 2D, layer-based ‘Build Your Own’ web configurators that cost-effective, compelling and technically viable.

These cover all product configurations, variants, localized versions and special editions – all in one shoot.

Mobile & Web 3D Visualization

A product staged and presented in a 3D configurator online or on a mobile device provides a stunning experience for the end-user.

The lightweight poly model, optimized for this type of engagement, allows for images, animations and different environments to be visualized on-the-fly. The speed and quality is second-to-none. Fully interactive, 3D models allow for 360 product spins and configurations of both interior and exterior components without sacrificing quality.

Turbo-charge your product launch

First impressions matter. From dealerships to trade fairs and special events, vehicle manufacturers are constantly looking for fresh new ways to dazzle audiences. High-impact, scalable experiences that secure immediate customer buy-in make a lasting impression.

A wide range of innovative technologies and techniques blur the line between reality and visual experience, including 2D and 3D projection mapping, AR, VR, MR, gamification and configurable solutions. These provide unlimited creative freedom to construct the intended image for a product, right from the moment of its debut.