Premium Content Pipeline

Virtual Tools For Real Sales

The Barrier

Marketing campaigns that fail to reflect customer preferences get lost in the competitive landscape, and are a threat to good business. Disjointed, expensive and time consuming content production can drain valuable resources, and miss the intended mark entirely.

Consumer expectations are valuable currency in the experience economy and brands need to rise above the competition to resonate meaningfully.

The Ideal

Support an ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS CONNECTED, end-to-end customer journey with relevant collateral. From browsing-to-purchase, high-end Marketing content engagements make every campaign memorable.

Digital continuity enhances campaigns to elevate the bottom-line. Premium, CGI content distributed across all marketing touchpoints, based on product data reduces costs and activates all channels at once.

Our Solution

3DEXCITE provides a sophisticated content pipeline that provides scalable, multifunctional assets across every marketing channel – as a service. From high-quality print material, to lightweight, mobile web experiences – digital continuity is delivered on-demand. Customized engagements allow brands to know every prospect’s preference, and to respond with personalized marketing materials everywhere, at any time.

Visual Market Asset Creator

One model to rule them all. 3DEXCITE leverages and prepares the information contained in product CAD data to support a fully-functional Master Model. Meaning, we optimize the CAD to produce all variations of Marketing content.

Whether it’s for AR, VR, MR, video, images or a product configurator – it’s prepared once and scaled for any experience.
The Master Model functions as the foundation for every marketing deliverable across the board.

Media Assets for ALL

Once a master model is prepared and validated, content production can begin. From high-resolution print to lightweight web or immersive experiences, the quality is unmatched. We provide stunning assets to impact product perception and brand viability in the marketing landscape.

The cost savings when compared to traditional production methods are significant as is the time-to-market. Gone are the days of lengthy, costly photoshoots, retouching and reshoots. Because it’s a digital process, the content can be tweaked, re-rendered and output again with little to no drain on the resources.