Enhanced Customer Journey

Relevance is the key

The Barrier

Digital continuity is a requirement for multi-level, multi-channel campaigns. But, what happens when personalization enters the arena?

Consumers expect to see their preferences reflected on every device, in every flier, everywhere they touch the brand. Disjointed campaigns with one-size-fits-all messaging and imagery is the norm.

The Ideal

Brands need to be valued and loved by loyal customers. The key to their hearts is through proactive, personalized engagements.

Customized experiences produce personalized marketing materials that should reflect the consumer’s preferences. Inspire a unique connection to the product and a sense of ‘belonging’ to the brand.

Our Solution

3DEXCITE enables brands to increase their sales by utilizing highly individualized, channel-independent marketing materials in a cost effective way.

We engage the consumer in the ‘presales activation’ and ‘follow-up’ phases and then again, in the ‘ownership onboarding’ phase to ensure a seamless journey and delightful brand engagement.

3DEXCITE Personal Campaign

Reach your target audience at all phases of the customer journey, and at all touch points with the 3DEXCITE Personal Campaign.

This solution creates a compelling in-store experience, through full-featured Point of Sale Configurators that capture customer preferences that can then be used in follow up personalized emails with individualized microsites, brochures and more.

VR MR AR Add-ons

Beautiful imagery, inspirational product movies and cool web-content are all standard Marketing campaign deliverables. But, when speaking about digital continuity and connected experiences, we’re speaking about an entirely different subject.

Let’s say there’s a product configurator in your retail establishment where customers create their version of the perfect shoe, handbag, watch or car (insert industry specific product here). After perfecting details, they enter contact information and leave. The next visit to your brand website reveals an entirely new experience for them. Their personalized version of your product is pre-populated on the site. Now, sharing across social channels to crowd-source feedback is instant and fun. People who establish an emotional connection to a brand remain loyal advocates and active ambassadors. Here’s where it gets interesting. Because the content is visualized from CAD, it can be output for an immersive engagement.

That same customer can download their experience (AR, VR, MR or 360 product video), pop it in a cardboard and get lost in a jaw-dropping, brand-centric world. Here, potential customers experience a tangible interaction with the product in different, exciting scenarios and environments. We can guarantee they’ll tell their friends.