Inspiring Innovation

DELTAGEN is a powerful, automated, 3D visualization pipeline that enhances design, engineering, and marketing in real-time. Rapid virtual prototyping accelerates product design and generates premium marketing content for nearly any campaign scenario: offline, online, and immersive.

The 2021x release of 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN offers new 3D visualization tools that strengthen and accelerate exceptional experience and image creation for design validation and stakeholder approval.

A new Python Pipeline and Jacketing Configurator enhancement saves time by optimizing product data more quickly and efficiently.
The Pixel Sampler, Denoiser and Adaptive Sampling ensures your CAD data looks its best, and physical camera, new lighting features and AxF 1.7 Support gives maximum compatibility and control over your rendered content.

What´s New in DELTAGEN 2021x


Improved Physical Camera controls allow for the simulation of any camera and lens, with controls for exposure, depth of field and motion blur. Enhanced lens effects enable an accurate, scalable and physically-correct Glow Effect for real-time visualization.

Light Units for Surroundings gives improved controls for local surroundings and physically-correct lighting setups. AxF 1.7 Support enables the highest mateial consistency across the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and DELTAGEN. These enhancements bring real-world camera controls to the digital toolbox.


The Master Model is created to facilitate digital and interactive marketing content. It requires the optimization of CAD data, assignment of material and metadata, and the creation of variants for configurable experiences. All these tasks can now be automated with scripts that drastically reduce time commitment and cost. This enhancement directly benefits agencies by way of cost reduction. 3D Artists and Technical Directors, not just Developers, will also find it easy to set up automated workflow and pipeline procedures.


Preparing data for marketing experiences, animation and imagery can be a painstaking task. This update to the DELTAGEN jacketing configurator can now remove hidden surfaces, thanks to an all-new algorithm. Individual parts and whole products can be isolated, and inverted jacketing makes it easier to focus on complex interiors. CAD data specialists and beginners alike can use these enhancements to eliminate repetitive tasks and achieve their creative goals more quickly.


Save time while producing offline assets for product communication. The Rendermode per Camera and Pixel Sampler enhancements allow for the display and adjustment of beauty, AO, Normal, and other passes simultaneously, directly in the viewport, for perfect visual quality. The Denoiser contains a new method of providing high-quality results at low sample settings. Adaptive Sampling and Quality-Based Sampling allow for targeted quality with the Stellar render engine. Visualization teams, agencies, and studios can raise the bar with parallel render-pass functionality.

Core Functionalities

DELTAGEN Plug-In Modules

Enhance the DELTAGEN functionality with highly specialized modules for your individual use case.