Ep 38: Build a Disruption-Proof Supply Chain with Network Flow Planner

Hear logistics and supply chain experts Miguel Melgarejo and Olivier Rateau discuss the how you can confront delivery and supply chain issues head on.

Global Operations on the Go podcast

Tackle Unexpected Events Before They Occur

Picture this: You’re a retailer who manages a supply chain made up of a set of warehouses. You need to transfer goods from your suppliers to the point of sale. Suddenly, one day, there are torrential rains and one of your warehouses becomes unusable by a flood. And then you start asking yourself questions like, “Does my supply chain have enough capacity to manage all the flow of goods with one less warehouse? If so, to which warehouses? Should I attach the points of sales that were linked to the flooded warehouse? There will be capacity issues in some of the processes inside my warehouses, so what is the best strategy to solve those bottlenecks without affecting my service levels?” You might continue with “Should I increase my staff? Should I increase some extra time? Or should I rent a new warehouse?” These questions and more are answered with our discussion on DELMIA’s Network Flow Planner, the virtual twin of the supply chain. Listen in to learn more.

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Meet Our Speakers

miguel melgarejo

Miguel Melgarejo

Euro West DELMIA Industry Process Consultant

olivier rateau delmia

Olivier Rateau

DELMIA Euro West Sales Expert Senior Specialist

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