Ep: 37 Moving the Metals Industry Toward Sustainability

Tune in today to discover how the metals industry can make sustainability a reality

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Gain Insight on DELMIA’s Green Metals Initiative

Listen to our experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities in transforming the metals industry and making strides toward sustainability. Dassault Systemes’ Bertrand Orsal, Dorin George Derebei, and Prashanth Mysore dive deep into the importance of making a transformation toward green metals. You’ll hear about the importance of decarbonization, what new plans and processes lay ahead, and the role of virtual twin technology in steelmaking. The guests also highlight the need for balancing supply and demand, adopting circular economy principles, and leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize operations and reduce carbon footprint.

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Meet Our Speakers

prashanth mysore

Prashanth Mysore

Strategic Business Development Director, Dassault Systèmes
Dorin George Derebei

Dorin George Derebei

WW DELMIA Industry Process Expert Senior Specialist
Bertrand Orsai

Bertrand Orsal

Infrastructure, Energy & Materials Industry Business Value Consultant Expert, Decarbonized Process

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