Ep: 36 Meet the Outstanding Women in Manufacturing & Technology in Surviving a Health Crisis

Hear about this harrowing experience with cancer in the workplace, survival, and how storytelling helps the healing.

Global Operations on the Go Podcast

Balancing Cancer and Work

Take a journey with Laila Lechopier, SCPO Advocacy Senior Manager at DELMIA. Listen in as she walks us through various challenges she has faced with cancer, while being a working mother, and how she turned that experience into a storytelling venture to help others. From being part of Dassault Systèmes’ project with an organization called “Cancer at Work” to volunteering at hospitals to help patients deal with chronic diseases, Laila shares her firsthand knowledge. Tune in today to this captivating episode of “Meet the Outstanding Women in Manufacturing & Technology.” 



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women series with Laila Lechopier

Meet Our Speaker

Laila Lechopier story teller

Laila Lechopier

SCPO Advocacy Senior Manager, DELMIA

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