Ep: 31 Cobotics – The Next Evolution of Industrial Robots

Loic Sandras, DELMIA Industry Process Consultant, Operations Engineering, discusses how cobots can improve your operations, divide the robotic domain into different collaborative levels, and why the virtual twin plays such a big role.

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Cobot interaction aids in difficult and hazardous operations

You may have seen them at industry shows or heard about them in meetings, but what do you really know about cobots? Collaborative robotics, known as cobotics, is a branch of robotics used to collaborate with operators and address difficult operations. Cobots are changing the way people work in factories by allowing increased interaction between robots and humans. For instance, a cobot, which can be seen as a more compliant version of an industrial robot, are able to work autonomously on repetitive and hazardous tasks. It can have slower speed limits, soft edges, and sometimes protective shapes mounted on it, to name a few advantages. With a cobot in play, workers are free to then perform more complex and higher-valued tasks. Tune in to this podcast to discover how cobots are reshaping the industry.

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Loic Sandras

DELMIA Industry Process Consultant, Operations Engineering

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